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Move your spirit forward.

Indoor + patio dining, takeout + curbside pickup
Spirits, fresh cocktail mixers + bottles of wine from Waterfront Wine Shop
Wednesday – Friday : open at 2pm
Saturday + Sunday : open at 12pm
Closed Monday + Tuesday

Move Your Spirit Forward
Sustainable Spirits
Sustainable Spirits
Destination Distillery
Destination Distillery
Events + Cocktail Catering
Events + Cocktail Catering
Cocktail Recipes
Cocktail Recipes
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Bluewater Distilling marries the best of small-batch production with an unprecedented sustainability focus forging a new path in the world of spirits.

Beginning with the finest organic ingredients, we use traditional copper pot stills to create a level of softness and smoothness that industrial producers will never match.

Proudly made in Everett, WA

Bluewater Distilling is the ultimate cocktail destination in the Pacific Northwest. Our flagship Destination Distillery is located just North of Seattle on Everett’s waterfront, nestled in next to hardworking fishing boats, circumnavigating sailboats, and highflying kite boarders. Our distillery features our three hand-hammered Portuguese copper alembic stills, spirits tasting, retail store, wine bottle shop, waterfront craft cocktail bar + bistro, private event venue and production area. Stop in for a taste or join us for a social occasion. We look forward to seeing you!

Sustainable Spirits

Bluewater Vodka + liqueurs, Halcyon Gin and Wintersun Aquavit are 100% USDA-Organic, bottled in American glass and contribute 1% to the Planet.

Artisanal Distillation

Every bottle is carefully crafted to be as perfect as possible. Our spirits are distilled from organic wheat in hand-hammered copper-alembic stills.

Incredible Quality

Built for cocktails and made with the finest organic ingredients and water from the Cascades, our spirits are brilliantly smooth, bright and delicate.