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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Bluewater Organic Vodka taste so much better than everything else!?

Our quality depends on a pioneering combination of sustainable sourcing and artisanal distillation. Starting with 100% organic ingredients, we use hand-hammered direct-fired copper kettles to distill our spirits in small batches. The distillation removes the last lingering impurities and allow us to bottle our spirits with minimal filtration and zero additives. It’s an elemental spirit unlike anything else on the market.

How come Halcyon Gin works so amazingly well in every type of cocktail!?

Bluewater’s Distiller John Lundin carefully developed Halcyon’s aromatic profile over several years with a clear focus on achieving a brilliant brightness & botanical balance. Halcyon is our tribute to the London Dry style, and offers a wonderfully-inviting flavor profile that is perfect in the driest of Martinis, herbal concoctions like Corpse Revivers, and lush fruit-forward Summer drinks. Enjoy!

Is it true that industrial spirits are largely smoke & mirrors?

It is true that Federal regulations allow chemical additives, and it’s not uncommon for artificial colors, corn syrup and synthetic flavors to fill in the gaps. All in all, it’s best to meet your distiller and support local!

Why is Bluewater located in Everett, Washington?

Our location places us on the waterfront of the largest marina on the West Coast, just 30 minutes North of Seattle. We love the sunsets, the crisp Cascade water from our protected watershed, and we absolutely love our community.

Why is Bluewater not distributed in every state?

Bluewater’s quality depends on maintaining our small-batch production style. Quality is the first compromise when scaling brands to huge volume.

Where can I find Bluewater’s lovely spirits?

Check our store locater page first. If you can’t find a nearby store, then visit our shop and we’ll ship direct to you!

Are Bluewater spirits gluten-free?

Yes. It’s impossible for the gluten protein to carry across in the distillation process. Our spirit foundation is sourced from 100% organic wheat and is certified gluten free. For more information on this subject, visit beyondceliac.org, celiac.com and nationalceliac.org.

Do you offer tastings & tours?

We love to offer tastings from 11-5pm at the distillery. To view the distillery, it’s easy to self-tour our facility to view our copper kettles with a cocktail in your hand!

Why is there a sailboat silhouette on the Bluewater Organic Vodka bottles?

Founder John Lundin loves to sail and started the business while living aboard a sailboat in Seattle. He’s even built his next sailboat in the back of the distillery!

How does Bluewater give back?

Community support and environmental conservation is a cornerstone of our business. We exist because of our community and love nothing more than supporting local organizations – from social causes to education. We also support environmental organizations through our 1% for the Planet membership, focusing largely on watershed and ocean wildlife. For requests, please contact us with your information – and please be patient since we do receive a high volume of requests.

How can I spread the love for everything Bluewater does?

First of all, Thank You! Ask for our spirits when you’re out on the town or shopping, follow us on our social media channels, sign up for our newsletter, make great drinks for your friends. Voting with your dollar has never tasted better!

Are all Bluewater products certified organic?

Yes. Bluewater Organic Vodka, Halcyon Organic Distilled Gin, Wintersun Organic Aquavit and our Limited Edition spirits are all certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.