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Halcyon is a beautifully bright and expressive gin, distilled by open flame in the classic London dry style with eight organic aromatics [juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, orris, angelica, licorice, cassia].

Working with our traditional hand-hammered copper kettles, we steep our aromatics for 24 hours prior to distillation. Each batch is crafted with a masterful attention to the distillation arch that spans through the heads, hearts & tails of the run. We work to showcase the citrus-forward notes in the heart of the batch, to achieve an incredibly inviting spirit that works in any expressive cocktail.

Bottled at 92 Proof, Halcyon is stunningly perfect in spirit-forward Martinis and delightfully versatile in bold cocktail explorations.

Awarded a “Gin of the Year” accolade from renowned critic Aaron Knoll of TheGinIsIn.com, Halcyon has quickly ascended to the highest tier of fine gins.

    I found it hard find a cocktail that I did not like this gin in…     Beautiful…Where other gins sometimes wilt,or highlight ‘off’     notes, Halcyon excels across the board.

      – Aaron Knoll, TheGinIsIn.com

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