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Move your spirit forward.

The Small Batch Advantage

There are precious few examples of industrial methods creating anything of true value. The things we really treasure carry the marks of craftsmanship and the scarcity of limited production.

At Bluewater, we work with hand-hammered, direct-fired kettles that carry a legacy reaching back eight centuries. When the kettles are alight, we rely on our senses and hard-earned skill to carry out the cuts that shape our spirits. Having fabricated most of our equipment in-house also means we have an uncommonly intimate awareness of our own process.

Dive in to explore our spirits, from the flagship Bluewater Organic Vodka, to our award winning citrus-forward Halcyon Organic Distilled Gin. For the adventurous, keep an eye on our Limited Edition releases to see what seasonal ingredients or whimsical explorations we’re working on at any moment.

Bluewater Organic Vodka Moscow Mule

Bluewater Organic Vodka

100% distilled in copper kettles for a brilliant smoothness and no additives for a crisp natural finish. This small-batch vodka is elemental in its quality, with the integrity of true artisanal distillation and sustainable sourcing. (80 proof)


Bluewater Organic 100 proof Vodka infusion

Bluewater Organic 100-Proof Vodka

The only high-proof organic vodka on the market. 100% organic, 100% copper kettle distilled, 100 proof - and zero additives. This is the bartender’s best friend, perfect for infusions, bitters, tinctures, liqueurs - and crisp vodka martinis.


Halcyon Organic Gin Martini Olives

Halcyon Organic Distilled Gin

A beautifully bright and expressive gin, distilled by open flame in the London dry style with eight organic aromatics [juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, orris, angelica, licorice, cassia]. A favorite among critics, Halcyon’s citrus-forward character lets every cocktail take flight. (92 proof)


Wintersun Organic Akvavit

Wintersun Organic Aquavit

Inspired by our founder’s Scandinavian heritage, Wintersun blends our signature 100% organic grain spirit with caraway, aniseed and orange to provide a classic and inviting profile. Delicately balanced for creative mixology, try Wintersun in a cucumber gimlet, stirred aromatic cocktail - or as the perfect ice-cold shot at festive meals. (80 proof)


Bluewater Organic Elderflower Cardamom Liqueur

This lush organic liqueur presents the rich, floral complexity of elderflower, complemented by a touch of cardamom spice. Masterfully crafted for incredible cocktails. (50 proof)


bluewater organic limoncello

Bluewater Organic Limoncello (Limited)

Crafted only from 100% organic lemon zest, raw sugar and our 100-Proof vodka as a foundation, enjoy this sublime liqueur in cocktails or after-dinner sipping.


Bluewater Organic Blood Orange Vodka

Bluewater Organic Blood Orange Vodka (Limited)

Bluewater’s 100% organic blood orange infused vodka is a seasonal favorite, capturing lush citrus flavor and rich aromatic notes. The batch is crafted by hand-zesting and juicing fresh blood oranges, being careful to avoid the bitter elements of the pith. Enjoy it as a simple vodka-soda, mule, cosmo, negroni and so much more.


Bluewater Organic Raspberry Vodka

Bluewater Organic Raspberry Vodka (Limited)

A 100% organic whole-fruit infusion with Skagit Valley vine-ripened raspberries provides an incredibly lush, fragrant spirit for capturing the best of Summer in a cocktail glass.