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Donation Requests

Thank you for thinking of Bluewater Distilling to support your nonprofit organization or event!

We receive a high volume of requests for donations each year and proudly support community organizations with three different packages at a low cost to you with a high value.

Offering these packages allow us to cover our costs and in return support more organizations and events.

$50 Bluewater Distilling Gift Card
Your cost $25 | Value $50

$100 Bluewater Distilling Gift Card + Two Bottles of Bluewater Spirits
Your cost $75 | Value $180

Bluewater Cocktail Class for 8 Guests
Your cost $100 | Value $300

All donation requests must be made through this form (we are not longer accepting email + in-person donation requests). Please submit your request at least 4 weeks before your procurement deadline.

Fields marked with * are required

We are only able to donate to offical Non-Profit Organizations.
Tell us what type of event our donation will be featured at.
Choose your package below. Interested in purchasing mulitple packages? Please provide the details in the 'additional comments' section below.